• Wednesday 12 June 2019

By using modern security management systems you are not only able to offer your client a higher level of protection, but there is a very real benefit to their insurance premiums as well.

Your client may not be aware that your superior security systems afford them the opportunity to have their risk-profile reviewed and potentially downgraded, resulting in additional benefits to them.

This provides an opportunity for you to work with your client in educating them on how to present the case to their insurers. Adding value to your client in this way demonstrates your commitment, builds your relationship and enhances the way they perceive you as a supplier. Such an improved relationship becomes more like a partnership where both parties work together in adding value to each other.

Going forward, such a partnership is likely to last much longer than the usual security contracts, and potentially result in add-on business as well, making it a very attractive win-win strategy.

You are most welcome to contact us if you would like assistance from an unbiased industry specialist in granting guidance with your current systems. We will gladly connect with you and offer the necessary support.

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